Master Bathroom Ideas: The Ultimate 2020 Guide

master bathroom ideas

When it comes to the resale value of a house, renovating your restroom is arguably among the most essential investments you can make. But there’s another, maybe ultimately more advantageous, reason to consider a restroom makeover.

Nothing lifts your spirit like beginning your day in a room you enjoy, that gives you peace and makes you happy. Every day begins in the bathroom so shouldn’t you love it?

Prepared to renovate your bathroom, but not exactly sure where to begin? Continue reading for Georgia Home Remodeling’s our top master bathroom ideas for 2020.

Master Bathroom Ideas Begin With Inspiration

Your first step is to light the fire of creativity and get inspired. Collect as many images of bathrooms you enjoy as you can. Pinterest and Instagram can be wonderful sources of inspiration.

The more experienced your eye ends up being on what you love, the easier it will be to make decisions as you move along. It will also provide you a strong database to use and compare against your selections during the remodeling process.

Come Up With Your Budget and Stick To It: Be Creative

A versatile spending plan will enable you to make unexpected style choices throughout the procedure, which include cost but also considerably contribute to the space. By following your budget sometimes you’ll have to be more creative in your choices to get the look you want.

But, these budget-saving measures sometimes end up being the thing that sets your space apart from everyone else.

Be Clear on Your Vision and Draw Things Out Before Making Them Permanent

Your concept of a unique laid-out marble vein along the floor is completely clear in your mind but may not be in the mind of the tile worker who will lay it. Make certain you layout these unique ideas before anything is glued down.

Open all of your tile boxes to sort through the material before starting to use it. This goes for all materials. Colors may differ from what you originally thought, and the sorting procedure will allow you to have more control over what is utilized where and what pieces to dispose of.

Buy More Materials Than You Think You Need

Purchasing at least 15 percent more material than required for the job is a good idea for a bathroom. This will handle any splitting or breaking that typically occurs during shipping and handling. Also, it allows you to add creative flourishes that come to mind during the process.

If you only have just enough materials you can’t pivot as easily.

Why Master Bathroom Ideas Matter To Your Bottom Line

Bumping up the resale worth with home remodeling is a great idea. Every year we see patterns emerge in this market, a few of them strange while others powerful enough to redefine our expectations.

Bathroom renovation is not something you can do every year. It is a high capital investment and a labor-intensive project (at least most of the time). So naturally, homeowners expect the design to hold its ground for a minimum of 5 years if not more so consider that in your design.

The better job you do on making something beautiful and lasting the more value you are adding to your home.

Focus on Calming and Happy Design for Your Master Bathroom While Being Environmentally Friendly

We are all calmer, happier, and more effective when exposed to nature. Environmentally friendly and sustainable have been the ongoing buzzwords of the last couple of years. This concept has also permeated into the world of renovation. More and more homeowners are choosing greener products and are being environmentally mindful.

It’s not just about introducing the color green into your design; choosing reclaimed wood, recycled products, effective lighting, water-saving techniques, and so on are all components of biophilic design.

Apart from the subtle design components, you can have an entire wall devoted to plants in your bathroom. Potted plants, moss foot mats, natural lighting are evergreen components that will constantly be in style.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Smaller practical bathrooms have actually ended up being the standard over the past couple of years, and the space is poised to see some brand brand-new development in regards to items and style over the next couple of years.

Ditching the tub by welcoming open showers, compact furniture, console vanities, and so on.

The Come Back of Wood

Wood has actually been the dark horse material for restroom decor for a really long time. Globally, we have been seeing an uptick in wood being used as a high-end element in restroom design. Be it wood vanities, or walls lined with wood panels restrooms that sport this natural element tend to feel more open, inviting, and warm.

On top of that, you can also utilize reclaimed wood to add to the ever-growing “save our planet” movement. In any case, make sure to use something to make sure the wood is resistant to water damage, whether on the surface or leaking in through fractures.

All White Is Still a Winner

Trends might come and patterns might go, however, the traditional white bathroom stays high on the list. As quickly as some new trend starts getting the upper hand, the all-white bathroom swoops in and balances the scale all over again.

Opting for a classic white bathroom is among the safest design choices, as it will be fashionable for years to come. What’s new with white in 2020 is the addition of marble and a more minimalist method to the classic look.

Standalone Tubs Are Here to Stay

The trend of having a standalone tub is something, like many others, that has actually overflowed from the high-end arena into the lives of everyday people. A standalone tub used to be only for huge bathrooms, while everybody else had to be content with the shower-tub hybrid. Not anymore though.

The tub itself is no longer restricted to being white and plain, with several various colors and shapes readily available in the market. You can even make the tub the center of attention by placing it in the middle of the space.

Master Bathroom Ideas Are Best When You Personalize Your Space to You

Ready to give light to your master bathroom ideas and gift yourself the oasis you know you deserve? Georgia Home Remodeling is here to help you.

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