Custom Built Decks

Decks are an extension of your home. I mean who wants to be stuck inside all the time? Build a new deck so you can enjoy the outside with your family and friends. Put a steak on the grill, grab a drink and enjoy the night!

Decks take a beating 24/7 with all the sun, rain, heat and cold. Weather can make a deck look bad and not enjoyable anymore. Put some life back into it and get a fresh new updated look so you can enjoy nature again!

  • New handrails
  • New flooring (pressure treated, composite and more)
  • New bracing
  • Deck additions
  • Add stairs
  • Remove and replace decks
  • Bring deck up to code
  • Underdeck systems (makes use of area below deck without water coming through deck when raining )


The first question you should be asking yourself when considering a custom-built deck is what kind of deck do you want? Do you want a basic, square deck? What are you going to use it for, besides sitting outside? Do you plan to entertain or will it primarily be for your family? Do you want an outside kitchen integrated into the deck design or a stand-alone grill? Gas or charcoal?

Maybe you are interested in putting a hot tub or spa onto your deck. How about a built-in fire pit or a freestanding metal fire pit?


Ideally and most often, a deck is attached to the house and accessed from inside through a patio door that is in or near the kitchen. This works out best when transferring food and drink outside when you are entertaining or having a family meal outdoors.

What if limitations on your property make a deck off the kitchen impossible? Do you want to build a free-standing deck near the existing rear entrance to your house? Or would you rather build an attached deck that you access through a different room, like the family room or dining room?

Answers to these questions will help when you are interviewing contractors who specialize in custom-built decks.


This may be the most critical question of all: Just how big do you want your deck? Ideally, your deck should be large enough to seat all of the people who live in the house, preferably with room left over for a barbecue grill.

If you entertain regularly, your deck will need to be large enough to comfortably accommodate your family and your guests. Remember to consider that you will also need room for people to walk around easily, without squeezing by the seating area. You may also wish to include space for a dining table, as well as lounge chairs.

And if you are considering a hot tub or spa, it will need an area all its own.


The best thing about custom-built decks is you can have virtually anything you want. The only limitations are your budget and the topography of your yard. You can even build a deck on a sloped lot, although it may need special considerations.

The time to play around with your options are before the plans are drawn up and the materials purchased. What shape do you want? A simple square or rectangle? Maybe you want something a little more flashy, like an octagon.

Perhaps you are considering an elaborate deck with multiple levels, each one dedicated to a specific activity. For example, you could dedicate the main level to cooking and eating. Off to one side, maybe you'll want a hot tub or spa in its own little annex. Closer to the ground, perhaps you'll place a fire pit and lounge-type seating.


Finally, you'll need to decide what type of materials you want your deck to be built with. Do you prefer pressure-treated lumber for long-lasting durability? Perhaps you would prefer untreated lumber. Douglas fir is long-lasting and durable but must be regularly sealed to keep it from deteriorating. Cedar and redwood are also options for deck material. Both are naturally resistant to rot and insects, but will also benefit from sealing every few years.

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A Custom Built Deck is A True Extension of Your Home

Are you finally ready to add a deck to your outdoor life? Sitting outside on a deck on a beautiful summer day or evening is something most people dream of. But before you rush right out and start pricing supplies or buying deck furniture, take a few minutes to get really clear on the deck you want or need for your family.