Found Space: Ways to Use Your Home More Effectively

found space

The small home movement is in full swing, and what’s so incredible about these delightful houses is the way they take advantage of every square inch and use their space in creative ways.

Whether you live in 300 square feet or 3000 square feet, chances are you can still learn something brand-new about how to utilize space efficiently.

Here we tell you our favorite ways to use the space in your home more effectively and utilize found space for storage and other things.

Think Up Not Out

Walls are a homes number one untapped resource. Sure, they’re fantastic for hanging pictures, however, in a little area, they need to be used for a lot more. Use high bookshelves that extend to the ceiling or set up individual racks one above the other all the way to the ceiling. Install hooks and hang your bike on the wall.

Hang some of your clothes on the wall to give yourself extra closet space in your bedroom. That’s right, hang your clothes on the wall!

If you have some great pieces that you particularly enjoy (think dresses, skirts, and coats mainly), conserve some space in the closet and show them off instead of standard art pieces. If you love to look at something why hide it away?

Hang additional furniture pieces like fold-up chairs and tables to keep them out of the way when they aren’t in use. All the vertical space in your home is found space if used in the right way.

Furniture Can Be Functional and Extra Useful

Selecting furnishings that have more than one use is always an excellent idea. For example, rather than putting an end table beside your couch, consider utilizing a beautiful side chair. That way it can function as extra seating when you have visitors. Rather than a coffee table, use a bench that also has concealed storage.

The bench gives you the benefits of a coffee table and also gives you extra entertaining space like the chair.

And certainly, think about convertible furniture such as sofa beds. Skirted furniture is terrific because it is not just ornamental however you can also store stuff. A couch with exposed legs implies you can see underneath, but add a skirt and make the area under the couch become a location for concealed storage.

Custom shelves are not as pricey as you think (they can be an easy DIY job) and you can fit them into awkward spaces and nooks. If you have a wall that juts out or an uncomfortable corner where you can’t fit furnishings, consider custom-made shelves to fill the area.

The inches in between the top of the entrance and the ceiling are typically just the best size for a shelf that can hold books, storage baskets, or other knick-knacks. Use the under the stair space in creative ways to give yourself more storage or even create a little office nook.

Make The Storage Flow With How You Live

In every house, there is a requirement for more space. Despite how small your house is or how big your mountain estate vacation home is, all of us seek maximizing space to make our homes feel large and inviting.

There are a few spaces you spend a lot of time in that should be well organized and use space as effectively as possible.

The Entryway

The very first location of your house is your entry. Your entryway invites visitors in and sees your family off securely to school every day. It should be practical and have places to place things rapidly and efficiently.

Make the most of space by positioning a bench or other sitting location to eliminate shoes and locations for kids’ knapsacks when scampering to school.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the next busiest space of your entire home. It must be practical, welcoming, and be satisfying to cook meals, make snacks, and prepare for entertaining visitors. Maximize area with vertical storage shelving in your pantry, use drawer organizers for dry goods and food storage containers.

Purge old food, half-consumed dry items, and install overhead pot and pan storage to free up the area below your counters. Add additional racks and storage on the inside of cabinet doors for extra space.

The Bathroom

Your restroom can be taken full advantage of by examining who uses the restroom and for what. Shared restrooms with kids can utilize open shelving and baskets under the sink and behind the door can house little electrical beauty appliances when not in use.

A shoe organizer can turn into a life-saving space saver that holds makeup, combs & brushes, precious jewelry and even devices such as scarves and belts.

Kids Rooms

Whether your kid is a newborn or a teenager their rooms should be a reflection of their dreams however still be used for studying, playing and fantasizing! Develop zones for playing, sleeping and quiet time or studying.

Master Bedroom

Every bedroom in your house should be a refuge from the world and a location where you restore in the evening and get up renewed in the early morning. Take full advantage of space in your bedroom by ensuring your closets are used correctly.

Store out of season clothing in under bed storage containers and invest in closet organizers that separate types of clothes, devices, shoes, and more.

The Office

Lots of houses are utilizing their office for computer usage, doing homework/bills, crafts and more. Optimize your office location with reliable storage for all. Visit office supply shops and look for collaborated office supplies, desk organizers and file drawer devices for kids, teenagers and adults in your favorite colors and patterns.

An Organized Space is One With Found Space and a Happier Family Within

We hope these tips will help make you more effectively use found space in your home. If you’re ready to expand your storage or realize the flow still isn’t working, we can help with that!

Contact Georgia Home Remodeling now and we will be happy to help you envision your dream space.