11 Benefits of a Steam Shower

Want to improve your physical and mental health? Consider a home remodeling project that includes building a steam shower in your master bathroom. Think about it, most high-end spas, wellness centers, fitness clubs, and gyms have elaborate steam showers in them for a reason. These showers enhance relaxation and productivity. Keep reading to find out the ways a steam shower can help you take a step toward greater health, relaxation, and productivity.

11 Benefits of a Steam Shower

Here are 11 benefits of a steam shower.

1. Detoxification

Steam showers cause the body to sweat. Sweating removes toxins and chemicals that have accumulated within your body. Removing these pollutants will make you feel healthy and energized.

2. Improved Circulation

The increase in temperature increases blood flow to all parts of the body. This process of vasodilation widens the blood vessels and decreases vascular resistance.

3. Stiffness and Joint Pain

When your muscles relax, the tension on your joints and cartilage is reduced. It’s the same feeling you get after you get a good stretch in, only better!

4. Skin Care

A steam shower surrounds you in moisturizing humidity, which improves the overall tone, clarity, and texture of your skin. Steam increases your perspiration and cleanses your skin. It gets rid of the dead skin cells, bacteria, and dirt that build up in the top layers of your skin. The result is a decrease in blackheads and other blemishes. Steam gives your skin moisturize. The combination of warm air and moisture opens clogged pores so they can absorb oxygen, vitamins, and valuable minerals. This leads to beautiful, youthful-looking skin! Open pores also permit your skin to breath and perspire, allowing your bodies cooling system to function correctly.

5. A Better Shave

A steam shower softens hair and makes it easier to shave without risking razor burn with a better result.

6. Respiratory System

Steam loosens up mucus in your nose, easing sinus congestion and irritation. Simply standing in a steam shower and taking in a breath full of warm air will decongest your chest and soothe your respiratory system.

7. Cardiovascular System

Steam increases your bodies pulse rate. Your air intake is also increased because the heat opens up the airways in your lungs.

8. Metabolism and Weight Loss

While it’s not exactly a fitness plan, it can be another way to help you burn calories and lose weight. When the steam increases your pulse rate, your cardiovascular system is stimulated, leading to increased metabolism.

9. Recovery from Exercise

Ever wonder why professional athletes head straight to the steam shower or sauna after a big game or workout. When you work out, metabolic waste builds up in your muscles. This is what causes feelings of soreness and fatigue. Steam showers flush out the metabolic waste in your system. For best results, switch from hot to cold to initiate a pumping action in your capillaries and muscles. An increase in blood flow will also relieve joint pain and sore muscles.

10. Stress Relief

Physical benefits translate into a positive mental well-being. When your muscles relax, your mind, body, and spirit relax as well. The reduced tension allows you to sleep better. It also releases endorphins in your brain to help you relax mentally and emotionally.

11. Reduce Utility Bills

A steam shower generator uses less than one gallon of water in the average 20-minute steam bath, which reduces your utility bills.


Steam showers are healthy for most people but are not suitable for people living with heart conditions or diabetes. A side effect of the heat is that it can increase your heart rate and blood pressure. Consult your doctor before using a steam shower.

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