Six Neutral Colors to Use for Your Interior Design

Are you getting ready to redesign a bedroom, or throw some new paint up on your living room walls? You may be wondering what neutral colors are in style right now for any interior design in your home.

What is Considered a Neutral Color?

In the interior design world, neutral means without color. Neutrals are soothing, calming, and can be a beautiful color to use in decorating. Neutral colors are considered beige, ivory, taupe, black, gray and shades of white that appear to be without color, but in many applications these hues often have undertones.

Decorating with All Neutrals

Decorating tone-on-tone neutrals can be quite sophisticated. To avoid a dull look with too many neutrals, add textures, layers, and patterns. To use an all-neutral look successfully, layer different hues of the same color for a classy and sophisticated look. Follow the suggestions of paint chip families to choose harmonious colors. For sound design, select a lighter shade for the walls in your rooms, and accentuate with darker furniture. Select an area rug in a neutral color that complements the wood flooring but also is just a shade darker than the walls, so the furniture stands out. Select the same color if you prefer carpeting. Bring the room together cohesively with accessories that include some or all of the shades you have used. Make a warm and inviting understated room with this color scheme. It lets the hardwood flooring, beams, fireplace surrounds of wood, brick or stone, and window frames blend and show their rich textures.

What Neutral Colors are Best For Living Rooms?

White has been one of the most popular living room colors as of late because it goes almost everything. When the background is neutral or colorless, you can take more risks with color in art, furniture, and accessories. But not all whites are created equal. If you get a lot of sunlight, you can go with a bright white that has cooler undertones. But if you don’t have many windows and find yourself always relying on lamp light, choose something with a little more warmth—a taupe, cream or greige with a little more color shade and movement—so your space doesn’t end up looking sterile or flat.

What Neutral Colors Make a Room Look Bigger?

Lighter, brighter neutrals are going to throw more light around a room, thus making it appear larger. Try a soft beige or dove gray.

Neutrals as Background

When you are going for the all-neutral look in a room, start with neutral walls. Choose the neutral based on what other colors you wish to use, how much natural light the room receives, and your personal preference for lighter or darker walls. Keep in mind that darker walls seem to close the room up and make it feel smaller and darker. If you have a large room with lots of light, you can consider all the options. If your room is small without a lot of light, a lighter neutral would likely be a better choice.

When using gray as your neutral, determine if you prefer a warm or cool shade; the same goes for shades of white. If you select a rich taupe for the wall color, turn up the volume with a navy blue sofa and chairs covered in a stripe of ivory, taupe and navy. Add an area rug or carpeting in the same shade of taupe as the walls or a bit lighter. Pair throw pillows in taupe and the same pattern as the chairs with a taupe throw for a cohesive look. Place books and art objects with dashes of brick red on a brass and glass coffee table to add interest and color.

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