Why Hire a NARI Certified Home Remodeling Company?

Buying a home is one of the biggest single investments that you can make in your lifetime. Second to that is remodeling your home. It is important that your home remodeling company is a full-time, dedicated and experienced professional. They need to know what they are doing and is properly trained to retain and enhance your investment.

In order to ensure that you are hiring the best remodeling company for you that will add value to your home, make sure that they are a member of and certified by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).

Why National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI)?

Here are some reasons that support hiring a NARI Certified Home Remodeling Company as explained on the NARI website:

  • NARI is the only professional trade association dedicated solely to the remodeling industry: contractors, builders, and supply chain partners. 
  • NARI members voluntarily follow a strict Code of Ethics.
  • NARI requires remodelers to be properly insured and following all local, state and federal regulations.
  • When you hire a NARI member, you are hiring an individual who has made a strong commitment to professionalism.
  • Nine Certifications available to members which recognize individual industry professionals who have demonstrated extensive remodeling experience and a dedication to professionalism, integrity, continued education, and client satisfaction.
  • Candidates are required to prove participation in education courses, meeting the minimum Continual Education Units (CEU), as specified by each specific certification
  • All candidate applications are subjected to comprehensive review by the NARI Certification Board to assure all program pre-requisites are met and the candidate is eligible for certification.
  • All eligible certification candidates must undergo and pass a rigorous examination, overseen by an examination proctor adhering to strict integrity criteria.

NARI Certifications

“NARI has nine certification programs that cover everything from general remodeling to specialty remodeling, as well as green and universal design certifications. In addition, NARI’s Master Certified Remodeler recognizes long-time certified members who continue to pursue excellence in their community. NARI Certification is a robust and challenging process, reserved only for those remodeling professionals who demonstrate extensive expertise in their field and pass the rigorous screening and testing process,” states NARI.

NARI certified professionals are:

  • Only full-time remodeling professionals.
  • Actively involved in the remodeling industry for at least two to five years prior to earning a certification.
  • Are granted certifications after intensive study and completion of a written exam.
  • Are reviewed individually by the NARI Certification Board.

NARI Certified Remodelers (CRs) 

Certified Remodelers re recognized as highly experienced remodeling professionals who provide a full range of remodeling services. CRs possess expertise in a broad range of business management and technical skill areas, identifying them as well-rounded remodeling experts capable of managing all aspects of a remodeling project. To be eligible for a CRs, you must currently be employed by or own a firm that derives at least 90% of its sales volume through remodeling work, minimum of five (5) years continuous experience in the remodeling industry, and a minimum of 16 hours of continuing education.

NARI Certified Lead Carpenters (CLC)

Certified Lead Carpenters are recognized as expert hands-on field professionals who oversee every on-site aspect of the project, such as personnel management, subcontractor management, scheduling, safety, administration, customer satisfaction, etc. while also working on the site. To be eligible for a CLC, you must have a minimum of five (5) years continuous experience in the remodeling industry, with at least two (2) years as a lead carpenter.

You can be assured that any time you hire someone with a NARI certification, you are hiring an individual who has made a strong commitment to his or her business.

About Georgia Home Remodeling

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