Creating a Stunning Walk In Closet

walk in closet

Imagine walking into a closet designed just for you. Your clothes are not only easy to find, but stored with enough space that they can hang wrinkle-free. Even better, your shoes are organized and easy to spot in cubes that line up from the floor to ceiling.

By working with the right contractor, you can turn space into your home into your personal storage oasis.

Dress from the Skin Out

Your closet should give you the ability to work down the line and dress from the skin out. For example, a professional woman could use a walk in closet space as a dressing room.

You’ll need a spot for your robe, drawers for undergarments, a hanger with the clothes you’ll need for work, a shoe rack, your jewelry, and a perfume, make-up, and hair station.

Make Laundry Simple

If you bring in freshly laundered shirts each week, a professional man will need a spot to store recyclable hangers. In this dressing room, the professional man will need a spot to hang his robe, drawers for undergarments, a tall closet for hanging suits and slacks, a spot to hang freshly laundered shirts wrinkle-free, a shoe storage and polishing station, and a spot for grooming tools.

Shared Spaces

In addition to storing working clothes and dressing in the space, you can make laundry sorting a breeze with the right walk in closet design and construction.

You’ll need a bin for whites, a container for dry-cleaning only, a spot for shirts that need to be professionally laundered, a bin for delicates, and a basket for brights. If you can sort as you undress at the end of the day, your home laundry burden can be lightened by a lot.

Off-Season Storage

Rather than packing up sweaters in May and swapping out bathing suits in September, talk with your contractor about incorporating off-season clothing storage inside the walk-in closet. Add cedar-lined storage drawers for sweaters and wool blankets, or incorporate them into a trunk that you can also use for seating when it’s time to put on your shoes.


Many walk-in closets are long and narrow. If this is part of your closet design, make sure that there are multiple light sources. Additionally, try to incorporate under-cabinet lighting in the space. If all the light is at the ceiling, every time you open a drawer or pull out a basket, you’ll be creating a shadow.

Additionally, invest in lighting that you can modify to suggest different environments. For example, the fluorescents in your office give off a particular color, so you’ll want to assess your work clothes in that light to make sure that the colors will match when you get to work.

You’ll also want to review your clothes under dimmer light if you’re going from work out to dinner or drinks. If you have a make-up table in your walk in closet, these lighting options must be incorporated near the mirror as well.

Air Movement

If the closet is big enough, consider getting ductwork routed to the space. A stuffy closet is no place to dress, nor is a freezing cold space. For older homes where this may not be feasible, consider adding a grill to the door to allow for airflow, or add a transom at the top of the door.


If you’ve got a bedroom close to the master that you can turn into a walk in, celebrate the addition of light and fresh air! Be sure to invest in quality blinds for privacy. In addition, add a UV tint to the glass to avoid sun damage to your garments.

Your closet should suit you and your lifestyle. If you need a lot of drawers for more casual clothes, add a bank of low drawers all along one wall. For those who like to hang everything, you can invest in double bars for double ranking of shirts.

No matter your needs, your contractor can help you turn your closet visions into a reality. Contact us at Georgia Home Remodeling now to make your dream walk in closet.