Confused about Countertop Options?

Thinking about remodeling your kitchen or bathroom countertops? Selecting a new countertop can be very overwhelming with all of the choices today. You’ll need to consider several items: cost of material, installation costs, durability, maintenance, color, pattern and how well it will coordinate with your home’s décor.

Here are some of the considerations while selecting your perfect kitchen or bathroom countertops:

Types of Countertops Available

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Quartz (engineered stone)

Engineered quartz is a mostly stone that is similar to granite in terms of its appearance and properties. It offers a more uniform appearance in terms of its style. It is made with natural quartz that has been mixed with resin. It requires extra processing to get it ready and easy to handle.


Quartzite is a form of quartz that is converted into a new form through heating. Added compression is used to create a stronger body that is more detailed and can be easier to handle in a variety of situations. The added pressure reduces pores and creates a solid surface. Quartzite can come with a body that looks similar to traditional quartz. It may be light in its color and can add a refined look to any kitchen.


Very popular type of worktop surface. It is made of magma that has been pressurized over the years to produce a rock that resists scratches and heat. It can be sealed when installed and will resist stains throughout its entire life, thus creating a powerful body. It has a lighter tone for the most part with plenty of darker spots all over. Granite is commonly used for how it is sturdy and is easy to clean off. It comes with a number of colors.


Glass is an attractive material to use on a number of worktops today. It adds a beautiful style with a light look. It is especially made with modern home designs in mind.

Recycled Glass

Recycled glass worktops are made with a series of old glass pieces that have been melted down and mixed together. You will notice a number of small bits of glass in a variety of shapes all around the countertop. This can create a detailed look all the way around.


A laminate surface provides you with a beautiful stone-like surface without having to spend as much. With a laminate worktop, you will use a series of slim paper sheets that are affixed together with a special glue or epoxy. These paper sheets are designed with a particular pattern in mind to create a simulated stone or wood surface.


Tiles are often used on floors and walls but they can also be used on counters. With this, you can use a series of tiles in a variety of colors scattered around the surface. Ceramic tile comes in a wide selection of colors and patterns. It mixes well with other materials and works well on a backsplash and island top.


Terrazzo is a surface that features a series of marble chips that are mixed in a large body. These are often mixed in with an epoxy. This is a green option for how it uses recycled marble materials that have been cut up. The best part of this option is that it can be found in a variety of styles that are rather interesting. You can find it in one of many colors depending on the base you use. Also, the marble chips that are used here will vary in color. You could get five or more colors on your surface in some instances.


Copper is known for having a very dark tone and is often used in a variety of cooking products. Today you can get copper applied onto your worktop. It establishes a darker tone with a brownish appearance. It fits in well alongside other wood-based materials all around your kitchen.


Zinc is a mineral that is noted for having a bright silver look. It is often made with an alloy that includes copper as a base. The silver coating over the surface adds a powerful and appealing look.

Solid Surfacing

A solid surface is made with a series of polyester and acrylic materials. It can be made in a variety of colors. The seams on such a countertop are also invisible. A variety of edge profiles can also be chosen. You can choose any kind of color that you want for such a surface. Some dyes should be applied to the material depending on the color you want. You can always ask for a very specific color when ordering such a material.


Soapstone is a softer type of rock that consists of talc. It can be colored in one of a variety of different tones. It has solidified over time to create a sturdy body.


Concrete has long been used in a variety of flooring setups but today it can also be used on a worktop. A concrete worktop will use a solid body that features a thick design.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is a sturdy material that has long been used in a variety of commercial kitchens. Today, it can be used in typical homes just as well. It contains chromium mixed with a steel alloy to give off a silver-like look all the way through.

Butcher Block

These countertops add warmth to any kitchen. Maple is common, but you’ll also see other woods, including teak. This material is useful for food preparation such as chopping and slicing. It’s relatively easy to install and repair.


Limestone is a type of special mineral that comes from natural sources. It is based on calcite and aragonite and contains some carbon components in its body. It is noted for having a lighter color all around. This mineral has also been used by some kitchens as a cheaper alternative to other similar white-toned solid rock surfaces. You may notice as you get the countertop ready that it has a few natural stress marks and lines all around. These come from the marine organisms that these are based on.


Onyx is a solid mineral that comes with a dense and detailed black tone although it can come with a lighter color when you cut it open or grind it into a series of pieces. It offers a strong body that has a deep look and offers a powerful body all the way through. It can be formed into a countertop through a solid frame or border that adds a strong design all the way through.


Marble is a rock that consists of a series of carbonite or calcite materials. It is typically made with a lighter color and features a series of natural stress lines all over its body. Marble is often used in bathrooms—particularly powder rooms—because it creates a sense of luxury in a spot that it is applied in.


While bamboo may be eco-friendly, it isn’t user-friendly. It is best for show rather than daily use. It’s available in several styles, including a parquet pattern.


This is a new countertop category and we tested Dekton. It’s a combination of quartz, porcelain, and glass, according to the manufacturer. The pros of Dekton are resisted damage from heat, stains, chopping and cutting and was very good at resisting abrasion.


The same wood used on floors can also be used on countertops. Hardwood gives off a comfortable and peaceful feeling in any home to create a relaxed style that adds to the quality of any room. It can also be found in a number of grains and colors. You can also notice a series of beautiful lines all around the body of the worktop when everything is applied carefully.

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