A Place to Cook: 6 Kitchen Trends for 2020

kitchen trends

The kitchen is the heart of the home and homeowners everywhere demand another level from their kitchen space.

From giant islands to hidden appliances, kitchens in 2020 are a sight to behold.

Here are our favorite kitchen trends of 2020.

1. Natural Stone Everything

We aren’t talking about the all-white kitchens of a couple of years ago, no. Now people want to know they are looking at stone, specifically with the return of strongly veined marble.

What became cliche and tacky for a bit is having a resurgence as new stones are found with a great variety of colors and veining. Look for new slabs from Italy to give your kitchen an elegant touch.

2. Wood Cabinets Are Making a Comeback

While you’re not going to choose the yellow country cupboards that scream 1998, wood cabinets are having a resurgence in popularity. 

Why? Because the warm wood provides the contrast all that stone needs so the room still feels welcoming and not too cold. Try out the subtle graining of ash to give you a pale modern final look.

3. The Darker the Better

While all-white kitchens became the craze for a while now it’s shifted. Black kitchens are now a thing. Well, not black per-say but, dark, very dark colors.

Think about walnuts and mahoganies for wall colors, dark tile backsplashes, and a darker flooring than the rest of the home.

Accent the darker colors with pops of gold, like new gold farmhouse-style sinks. Incorporate gold colorings in your kitchen chairs and cabinet door pulls. Break up the space by using various shades of the same color or adding a light color backsplash for contrast.

4. Accent Colors Make the Place Pop

Unexpected color pops in kitchens are phenomenal. Consider adding some aqua to the base of your island. Adding coral paint to the backs of your glass-front cabinets.

You can even get your appliances in bright and fun colors now. Have fun and bring some pops of color into your kitchen. Just like it’s fun to have bright and colorful pillows on your couch, get a bright red mixer and a rainbow set of chef’s knives.

Color makes people happier so adding some into a space you spend so much time in is a great idea to brighten your spirits and add inspiration.

5. More Islands, We Need Additional Islands!

Homes are being renovated and built with large open floor plans now and with all that extra space the kitchen can have a much larger footprint than in older homes.

While people were filling these spaces with enormous islands, what are you supposed to do with the space in the middle that no one can reach? So, the new trend is to break the island in half.

That’s right, now you can have two islands. Some people add a butcher block cutting board in between the two to offer additional seating and prep space.

Now you can fully utilize the entire square footage of your islands with no wasted space.

6. Ancillary Spaces Are the New Status Symbol in Homes

What do we mean by ancillary? Larder cupboards, organizational cubbies, mudrooms from the garage attached to the kitchen, large pantries, and other handy spaces to keep all your stuff out of sight and out of mind.

With the new minimalist aesthetic and organizing craze, this only makes sense. People want their homes magazine ready all the time. So, you need a place to put the craziness of everyday life to maintain your mess-free countertops.

These thoughtfully considered spaces give you room to store the extemporaneous materials around your kitchen in a place they belong in. Large pantries give you the option of being economical and buying in bulk. 

Basically, more space equals a cleaner more modern look. You can also get away with fewer cabinets which frees up wall space in your kitchen.

Incorporate Some of These Kitchen Trends Into Your Home Now

We hope you enjoyed the breakdown of the newest kitchen trends for 2020. We are excited to see the new developments as the year wears on and what new ideas people will want to add to their homes.

Are you wishing for a second island? Maybe you want to add on a larder? Dreaming of new cabinets?

Here at Georgia Home Remodeling, we are in the business of making dreams into realities. Contact us today for a quote on your new dream kitchen.