Insurance Claims for Water & Fire Damage

We quickly respond to your call and immediately follow up with an inspection, estimates, and specifications to get you back on your feet - fast.

GHR Started in business by doing fire, smoke and water damage, boy have we seen it all. All though we are a remodeling company we also love to do insurance claims. We use the same software the insurance companies use to write the estimate its called Xactimate. We are well trained and knowledgeable about insurance claims


  • Pack out - all your belongings moved out, inventoried and stored safely
  • Demolition/debris removal
  • Carpentry and millwork
  • Drywall/plaster
  • Contents Cleaning
  • Board-ups, tarping, emergency fencing
  • Decontamination/soot cleaning
  • Roofing, flooring, and electrical
  • Fencing/siding and masonry/tile
  • Total reconstruction and disaster repairs

Water Damage

Water intrusion in your home can cause serious structural damage. Excessive moisture can occur for a variety of reasons from construction defects, freezing damage, improper maintenance, and plumbing failures. At the same time, water also has the potential to cause adverse health effects if left untreated. When water damage impacts you, the most important factor in mitigating your loss is defined by the amount of time the structure remains wet. GHR will quickly respond to your situation and dry the wet area to put you back in business or your home and prevent mold and moisture issues in the future.

Please read over the Dos and Dont’s of reacting to water damage before we arrive to begin the drying process.


  • Find and eliminate the source of water if possible
  • Turn off circuit breakers if safe to do so
  • Remove and secure small furniture and breakables if possible
  • Protect the carpet from staining by removing items from the floor (potted 
    plants, fabrics) and use foil or plastic wrap beneath furniture legs
  • Pinup draperies and furniture skirts
  • Be cautious of your safety 


  • Do not use a vacuum to remove water
  • Use newspaper on wet surfaces
  • Activate the HVAC system or adjust indoor temperatures
  • Enter an area with standing water
  • Consume food
  • Use personal hygiene items
  • Use home fans to dry wet surfaces

GHR can handle any water intrusion challenge by offering these services and many more to dry you out fast.

• Carpet pad and floor drying
• Desiccant and refrigerant dehumidification systems
• Air movers and auxiliary fans/air movement
• Total structure drying (framing and floor)
• Document air drying
• Deodorizing/disinfecting
• Mold and mildew removal and odor prevention

General Contracting & Remodeling

After your home has been impacted by water, fire, or disaster, we can rebuild your home property back to surpass pre-loss condition.