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Water damage is one of the worst perils that can happen to your home. The key to water damage repair is quick action. The longer the water or dampness stands, the worse the damage will be.

Standing water including dampness in the walls collects pathogens from the air and provides them with the perfect breeding ground. Our professional technicians can clean any water damage problem you may have.

Causes of Water Damage

Flooding and burst pipes are the main reasons houses are soaked in water. Fire is another reason because it may take a lot of water to put out the fire, and any furniture, walls, or other features that are still standing will have water damage.

You may have a small kitchen fire or a faulty electrical outlet, but if water was used to put it out, you will most likely have moisture in your walls or cabinets. Even a small drip under a kitchen or bathroom sink can create dampness that is dangerous. As soon as you realize you have a problem, you should call us immediately.

Why is Water Damage so Dangerous?

Water has three main stages. Starting with clear, potable water with no bacteria or other pathogens is stage one. Stage two is called gray water and comes from your shower, tub, sinks, washing machines, and kitchen.

It’s not potable, but can be used for land irrigation or toilet flushing. Blackwater is sewage-contaminated water and can make you very sick. Water from the toilet, even if it is clear, is considered black water.

When any of the above stages of water soak into your floor, ceiling, or walls it will begin to grow mold in about two days. Even clear, potable water can turn to black water within 48 hours especially if it is in the basement where critters and pests like to hide.

Not only does water become unhealthy, but it also weakens substructures in your home that may cause them to collapse. This could be as simple as replacing sheetrock or as complicated as replacing structural beams. We can handle any type of repair or restoration problem water can cause.

What Can Be Done?

Since water damage causes so much damage, you need professional water damage repair to have peace of mind. Do-it-yourself restoration may or may not be effective, and any dampness left behind will only get worse.

You can’t remove toxic mold by wiping the area with bleach. It’s true that bleach kills mold, but if you leave behind one speck, it will multiply quickly. We do the job right the first time, so you don’t need to wonder if the problem is solved.

We have the expertise and tools to detect even the slightest moisture inside your walls and treat it. For major flooding, we turn off the mains if the damage is from a plumbing issue and turn off the power. We then unplug electronics and appliances and remove them from the house. We then remove the water, dry the surface and cover with disinfectant. After we have thoroughly dried the area with special machines, we can:

• Determine if there is structural damage inside the walls
• Select upholstery and carpets that can be saved by professional drying and properly discard the ones that can’t
• Detect mold and mildew and remove it completely before it starts to pollute your indoor air with spores and other pathogens

Whether it’s a leaky tap or a natural disaster from flooding or rain, water can do a lot of damage to your home. Our professional water damage repair services will restore your home to its safe and hygienic condition.

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Did You Know Water Damage Repair Could Be Covered By Insurance?

If you've had a sudden and accidental water exposure that results in water damage to your home, your homeowner's insurance may cover the repairs.

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