Six Tips to Keep Mold Away From Hurting the People in Your Home

Finding a mold infestation can ruin your home—and your health! Keep mold away from your home and your family. Mold is a nuisance and can be dangerous. You can see it as the black spots in grout lines in your shower, discolors drywall, shows up as black spots on siding, darkens decks, and grows on and rots damp wood everywhere. Even worse, it can be bad for your health. Almost every home gets mold infestations from time to time. Prevention is essential, so you don’t have to experience the problem.

Why is Mold Growing in my home?

Molds are part of the natural environment. In nature, molds play a role by breaking down dead organic matter such as dead trees and fallen leaves. Inside a home, mold growth should be avoided at all costs. Molds can reproduce quickly through tiny spores that are invisible to the naked eye and float through indoor and outdoor air. Mold will not grow without water or moisture.

Mold is everywhere and is a type of fungus that grows from tiny spores that float in throughout the air. Wherever spores land and find moisture and a comfortable temperature, between 40 and 100 degrees F. is where it can grow. That usually includes in any damp place inside your home.

Can Mold Cause Health Problems?

Usually, molds are not a problem indoors. They become a problem when mold spores land on a damp or wet area and begin growing. Molds have the potential to cause health problems. Molds produce allergic reactions, irritants, and in some cases, potentially toxic substances (mycotoxins). Here are some of the health issues they can cause:

  • Allergic reactions in sensitive individuals by inhaling or touching mold
  • Hay fever, sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, and skin rash (dermatitis)
  • Asthma attacks
  • Irritation to the eyes, skin, nose, throat, and lungs

Tips to Keep Mold Away

  1. Control Moisture

Moisture Control can be the key to mold control. If water spills or leaks occur indoors, act swiftly to clean it up within 24-48 hours after a leak or spill happens. In most cases, mold will not grow if the moisture is cleaned quickly.

  1. Gutters

Clean and repair roof gutters regularly. If you leave the debris and wet leaves in a gutter system, mold will likely grow and spread.

  1. Landscaping Slopes

Make sure you have the problem ground slopes directed away from your building foundation, so that water does not enter or collect around the foundation.

  1. Air Conditioning

Inspect your HVAC system and keep your  A/C drip pans clean and the drain lines unobstructed and flowing properly. Use air conditioners and de-humidifiers when needed in your home.

  1. Humidity

Keep indoor humidity low. It is recommended that it be below 60 percent or ideally between 30 and 50 percent for relative humidity. Condensation can be a sign of high humidity.

If you see this condensation or moisture collecting on your windows, pipes, walls, act quickly to reduce the water source and to dry the wet surface.

  1. Ventilation

Make sure to vent the appliances that produce moisture in your home, such as stoves, clothes dryers, and kerosene heaters to the outside. Either open a window when showering or run the bathroom fan. When you are cooking, or running the dishwasher, turn on the exhaust fans or open windows.

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