Six Great Choices for House Molding

Are you looking for a way to add character to plain rooms in your home? Then, consider an easy fix by adding one of the many different types of moldings available. Molding has been around since ancient times. While the classic types are made from wood or plaster, today you can find molding made from foam and reclaimed wood as well.

One of the decorative purposes of molding is to create a dark and light pattern on an otherwise plain surface. Decorators love molding because it makes an easy transition between different surfaces and materials. Molding can be left as the natural color of wood, painted or stained. A local quality home remodeling company can help you determine what type of molding is perfect for each room in your home.

Six Choices of House Molding

Here are six excellent choices to decorate your home and specific rooms with molding:

1. Baseboard

Baseboard moldings are decorative trim boards that cover the seam, or joint, between an interior wall and the floor. Baseboards have many jobs. They hide the gap between the wall and floor. Baseboards protect the wall from damage. They also serve as a beautiful decoration. They come in many different styles, sizes and types, sizes.

2. Door and Window Casing

Casing does a great job of giving any room a finished look. Casing defines and seals the perimeter of a doorframe or window opening. The border-like trim comes in many styles and widths.

3. Crown Molding

Crown molding creates a clean line at the upper seam of a room. It makes a room appear taller, shorter, and fancier while covering up flaws. Crown moldings come in hundreds of profiles, and the wood can be stained, painted, or left natural.

4. Chair Rail
Chair railing can be used as a design element and as a practical protection for the walls. They are placed at a certain height above the floor. With an 8-foot ceiling, typically you place the railing 30 to 48 inches above the floor.

5. Wainscoting

Wainscoting is a decorate paneling that is against a wall. Usually, it is used under a chair rail. The style ranges from a smooth box to rustic panels.

6. Wall Frame Molding

This style of molding is the least commonly used. Wall frame molding is four pieces of trim put together that looks like a picture frame. Some people like to leave it plain while others add wallpaper inside the frame.

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