Pool Houses Provide Many Functions and Value

You’ve built your beautiful swimming pool that can be seen outside of your kitchen and living space. The double French doors lead you out to your oasis. Entertaining has been delightful inviting friends, family, and neighbors over to enjoy your unique outdoor space.

Want to take your oasis to a new level? Add a pool house to enhance the experience. A pool house also goes by the name of a cabana, villa, detached guest house or casita.

A general contractor can walk you through the steps to create your villa.

There are many functions that a pool house can give you:


For convenience, you can add the following items:

  • Your pool house can be a place to change into your swimwear.
  • Add a bathroom, so they don’t have to walk through your home with wet footprints.
  • Add a couch or lounger to take a nat.
  • If there is enough space, you can make a space for a home gym.
  • You can add extra space to your property by adding a bedroom and bathroom to have an attractive area for overnight guests. This creates privacy for the guests and homeowners.


Your cabana can be a place to put your items that belong to the pool and not store in your home:

  • Goggles
  • Snorkels
  • Rafts
  • Loungers
  • Towels
  • Cushions
  • Pool chemicals (stored away for safety)


By investing in a pool house for your home, you will increase the real estate value for future resale. You will also build value in the enjoyment of the property.


Many of these pool houses are built to match the existing architecture of the primary residence.


Pool houses make pool ownership and swimming more enjoyable by having everything you could need within reach, or at least a few steps from the pool. You can create an entertaining outdoor area with a patio or deck behind your house. Adding an outdoor kitchen or a lounge surrounding a fireplace makes the “pool patio” that much more of a destination.


To construct a pool house, you will require a building permit, which can be obtained at your local city or county government office, usually from the planning department or planning commissioner. The new outdoor structure must conform to local zoning ordinances and codes. Your contractor can get your permit.

You can talk with your local home remodeling contractor about the choices, pros, and cons, etc.

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