Home Renovations to Consider Before Moving a Parent In

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More and more, older children are moving their aging parents, not into nursing homes and assisted living facilities but into their own homes so they can care for them. But, what are the considerations you need to think about before moving your parent into your home?

Here are the home renovations to consider to make life more comfortable for you and your parents to reduce stress and maintain everyone’s space and independence.

Making Space For Them With Home Renovations

One of the first things to consider before deciding to move a parent into your home is what kind of space you’re actually working with.

Multi-generational living, while wonderful, can also be a little tough in too close of quarters. Consider the spaces you have available to reconfigure and renovate into a new space for your mom or dad.

Do you have a basement, attic, or garage? Could any of those spaces be sacrificed to move your parents in?

Adding a Mother-In-Suite in Found Space

If you have an unused space on your property, or a used space you’re willing to sacrifice, they can make amazing mother-in-law suites.

Turn that garage in the backyard into a studio apartment equipped with its own small kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. This way mom or dad have a separate living space and don’t feel like they’re always encroaching on your space.

Also, having their own kitchen and amenities allows them to feel more independent and less of a burden. Basements also work very well for this purpose.

Plus, if your parent ends up moving out, you’ve added a potential income-earning property to your home.

Adding In The Safety Equipment An Aging Person Needs

Make sure to look into the safety equipment that someone who is ill or aging might need to make things easier for them.

Will you need to install grab bars near the toilet and tub of all the bathrooms? Will the doorways into space and within the space allow for the accommodation of a wheelchair. How will they navigate stairs? Powerlifting chairs can make a good option.

Adding ramps where necessary is also a good idea to avoid falls on stairs and other instability issues.

What to Check Before Starting Your Home Renovations

Before you begin any major home renovations you want to be aware of any zoning restrictions in your area. Check the municipal building codes to make sure accessory dwellings are allowed in your area.

Getting a reputable contractor on the job with experience in these types of home renovations is an incredibly valuable asset. They will already have a working knowledge of the municipal building codes and what is and isn’t allowed.

For homes without additional space, put some research into other options. Do you have a backyard? Maybe the answer is a small modular home or a tiny home built custom for your parent. Again, this is subject to regulation in your area.

Sitting down and developing a thorough plan with a reputable contractor is key when it comes to these types of home renovations. You want to make sure everyone’s expectations are on the same page so no one gets surprised.

Georgia Home Remodeling is Ready to Help You Complete the Home Renovations to Get Your Home Ready to Move Your Parents In With You

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