Eight Tips You MUST Know About Home Electrical Safety

Electricity has improved our lives so much. It does so many things for us — keeps us warm or color through an HVAC system, makes our homes at night bright, allows us to access all of our entertainment devices such as TV and radio, enables us to cook or heat a warm meal whenever we want and so much more. Electricity has made our lives more enjoyable in so many ways, but it does come with some risks that we all need to know about to keep safe.

Did you know that the U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated annual average of 47,820 reported home structure fires in 2007-2011– all started by electrical malfunctions, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Seven children must be treated for injuries caused by electrical shock per the Electrical Safety Foundation International.

Home Electrical Safety Tips

Here are some home electrical safety tips that all homeowners should be aware of and keep everyone safe from harm.

  1. Replace or repair damaged power cords

Exposed wiring is a significant hazard. Be sure to replace a protective coating on a wire that is stripped away.

  1. Avoid extension cords as much as possible

There are so many reasons NOT to run extension cords throughout a house. It can cause residents to trip. They can cause injury and damage to the wire or outlet if it causes the cord to be ripped out of the wall. Hire an electrician to install new outlets throughout your home to avoid any significant damage.

  1. Don’t overload your outlets

The electrical system in your home is designed so that every outlet delivers a certain amount of electricity. If you plug too many devices into an outlet at once, you can cause a small explosion or a fire. Use a power strip to plug in multiple items safely.

  1. Water and electrical equipment

Because water conducts electricity, the slightest exposure to this dangerous mix can cause an injury. Immediately wipe up any water or liquid spills to ensure that plugs don’t get wet.

  1. Protect small children from hazards

Small children and toddlers love to explore just about everything. Parents need to childproof their home by putting tamper-resistant safety caps on all unused electrical outlets. All loose cords around the house should be tidied up and put out of reach to children.

  1. Know the clues for overloaded circuits
    • Flickering lights
    • Frequently tripped circuit breakers
    • Mild shocks from appliances and more.
  1. Only use GFCIs

GFCIs stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters. They were introduced in the 1970s to protect against electrocutions. They have been responsible for saving lives ever since. In any home past 1970, you will find GFCI’s in the outlets, circuit breakers, and some extension cords. They are usually placed anywhere inside or outside your home that can be exposed to water, such as bathrooms, outside decks, kitchen sinks/counters, laundry areas, garages, etc.

  1. Have a Home Electrical Inspection

If you are concerned, hire a qualified electrician to provide an electrical inspection if your home qualifies for any of these conditions:

    • In the process of purchasing a home (new or older)
    • House is more than 40 years old
    • Installing a new major appliance (refrigerator, washer/dryer, entertainment system, home office, etc.)
    • Renovating your home

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