Baby Closet Organization: Tips From The Professionals

baby closet organization

If you are drowning in a sea of mini socks and grown out of onesies, it is time for you to get organized. These clever hacks and parent-approved ideas for organizing infant clothing will put you and your little one on the right track, saving you time, money, and a smidgen of peace of mind along the way.

From clothes to stuffed animals, it can be time-consuming and rather tough to get everything a place. You’ll need to have a strategy before you start putting products into stacks and corners, you’ll need closet dividers so you understand where each month’s clothes belong and you’ll require baskets and canvas cubes depending on the shelving situation.

Let’s jump in and get specific.

First Step, The Sorting Through

First things first, sort through your baby’s clothes. From Newborn to 12 months, you’ll need to grab some closet dividers and begin positioning each onesie and piece of clothes into the best area.

This will make it easier for mama to find the right sizes and make it so you utilize all those gorgeous pieces before the baby outgrows them! Consider what else you need to fit in the closet and develop spaces for them.

Creative Baby Closet Organization Solutions

You may want to invest in baskets, boxes, or canvas cubes to help with organizing through your baby’s things. While you might put some of these in a chest of drawers, socks, hats, headbands, and more can be easily kept in the closet (and identified too). Do you have a space for extra linens such as swaddle blankets, crib sheets, and burp cloths? If not, buy some roll-out drawers to have them on hand and quickly available.

Utilize this area to keep extra changing table products, bibs, and more! Again, it’s a quickly accessible area and you can keep like products together without creating stress.

Whether you throw things in a labeled bin to fit on the racks or place them in an over-the-door storage piece, do not have your child’s shoes and other things flying around the closet with no place to live. Due to the fact that they’re so small, they’ll easily be lost and you’ll constantly be searching.

Leave Room to Grow Into

Now that you have places for everything, make sure you aren’t packing the space to the brim. Remember, your baby is growing fast! Leave room for clothes to get bigger, and shoes, and socks, and have space for the next round of favorites to grow into.

Also, it’s a good idea to keep a place for clothes that are too small and another for clothes that are too big. Once things don’t fit you’ll have an easy collection place so you can donate them or give to a friend.

If others give you hand me downs or you find a great sale with things that are too big but too cute to pass up, they can go in the too-big box. This way you’ll know you have more things when you need them.

Starting Your Baby Out Organized is a Gift to Them and Yourself

Having an organized space from the start gives your child a sense of calm and trust. When children know what to expect and have consistency it helps them learn faster and leads to less tantrums and better sleep.

Need some help designing that perfect space for your baby closet organization project? Contact Georgia Home Remodeling now to get started!