Things to Consider When Building a Wooden Privacy Fence

Are you thinking of building or replacing a wooden privacy fence on your property? Fences appropriately done can improve your home’s curb appeal, provide security, increase your privacy, offer protection from the elements, and enclose a beautiful playground for your children and pets.


Check with your HOA, neighborhood associations and municipal building code officials regarding the rules of your fencing:

·      Look

·      Height

·      Material

·      Set back from sidewalks and property lines

·      Building permit

·      Plat map of the property

This is an essential set so that the fence is to code.

Select the right fence contractor

Fences can be a DIY project, but it requires specialized tools and hard labor. It is recommended that you hire a quality contracting professional. Make sure you check the company’s licensing status, testimonials on Google and Facebook, references, how long they have been in business, etc.


Work with a contractor that can give you ideas of the fence design. You’ll want beautiful entrances, at least two paths into the fenced area. The look should blend and enhance your outdoor home décor. One of the openings should be large enough to enable lawn mower, garbage cans, etc. entrance.

Consider attractive pathways with stepping stones. Do you want a pergola in your yard? What type of finials or other decorative elements will you use on the fencing?

Wood Materials

There are several good choices available for a wooden privacy fence. Here are some of them:


Cedar is known for its:

  • Long-lasting good looks
  • Tight grain
  • Fewer knots
  • Red hue
  • Doesn’t warp or shrink
  • Naturally resists decay and insects
  • Moderately priced

It is recommended to apply a penetrating sealant immediately after installation and annually after that.


Pine features are:

  • Least expensive fencing material
  • Pressure treated to extend longevity and keep pests and fungus away
  • Lifespan is around 15 years


Redwood and teak features are:

  • Typically used in small areas
  • Rouge coloring
  • Contains a larger amount of tannins
  • Naturally resist insects and decay
  • Doesn’t warp or shrink
  • Priced higher

It is recommended that both redwood and teak require the application of a penetrating sealer or oil once or twice a year to maintain their original color. A light sanding before the application will remove surface weathering.


Composite has these specific features:

  • Like-wood look that doesn’t degrade from insects and rot
  • Made from wood fibers combined with plastic polymers
  • Priced higher

You only need to occasionally spray with plain water to keep it looking clean and fresh.


After the fence is installed, create a beautiful garden of shrubbery, flowers, trees, benches, etc. to enhance entertaining and enjoyment.

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